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Account Executive

Kód uchazeče: 24623
Typ pracovního poměru:
Místo pracoviště: Praha
Okres: Praha
Obor: marketing
Jméno: Markos Kidane
Datum narození:30.11.-0001
Odborné znalosti

Markos Kidane

Zizkov, Praha 3, CR
Mobile: +420777844346
Skype: markos.kidane

Objective: To utilize my skills,
knowledge and experience at the optimum
level in the area of
sales/marketing/public relations &
logistical coordination.

Education: Bernard Baruch
College- New York City
Bachelors Degree in Business

Skills: Business Policy, Human Resources
Management, Organizational Behavior,
Finance Accounting & Marketing. Fluent in
English, conversant in Czech and Amharic
and overall cross-cultural communication.

Relevant Experience

Teams Coordinator & Communications Officer
FH Ethiopia,
• Coordinated with head office in
the U.S. and internal departments to
facilitate team visits,
• Hosted teams and gave them
orientation to their new culture,
surroundings, and scope of work FH does.
• Visited FH project sites to
produce quality photography for various
• Wrote success stories of people
whose lives have been positively affected
through FH’s program interventions.

Accountant/Logistics/Human Resources
officer -Fayyaa Integrated Development
Organization, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
• Embarked to rural areas of
Ethiopia documenting progress of community
based projects.
• Liaison with key organization
contacts including USAID.
• Certified in USAID financial
compliance training
• Produced, designed & facilitated
printing of organizations brochure &
magazines targeted for head of state, U.S
Ambassador & other VIPs.
• Coordinated quality control and
printing of magazine.
• Managed supplies and equipment of
head office.
• Controlled mileage of vehicles &
coordinated their usage
• Compiled and sorted personnel

Marketing/Planning/Public relations clerk-
Myungsung Christian Medical Center, Addis
Ababa, Ethiopia
• Coordinate logistical operations
between governmental representatives,
hospital, and medical specialists from
outside of Ethiopia.
• Facilitate agreements between
international/local corporate clients and
• Review viable companies/market
opportunities with whom to do business.
• Liaison between visitors &
hospital employees on matters pertaining
to hospital.
• Provide comprehensive tour of
facilities to local/foreign visitors and
• Propose solutions to management
per review of customer complaints/

Account Executive - Cactus Advertising &
Marketing Inc, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
• Brainstormed creative marketing
concepts for mass TV and radio commercials
for Coca-cola and South African Airways.
• Negotiated contracts with clients
and suppliers.
• Liaison between clients and inter-
departments within agency.
• Quality controlled job execution,
invoicing, and client satisfaction.
• Edited weekly proposals, scripts,
newsletters and manuscripts.

Editor- Shama Publications Inc. Addis
Ababa, Ethiopia
• Read and edited authors English
manuscripts to prepare for publishing.

Project Intern- Canadian Consulate
General, Trade Division, N.Y. New York,
• Targeted U.S. companies with
potential business interest.
• Researched and organized data for
the creation of the Trade Division’s
initial computerized database.
• Continued the expansion of the
database of over 700 key contacts in a
three-month period.

Freelance Work

• Edited book for the International
Committee of the Red Cross.
• Adapted Amharic into English for
television commercial.
• Performed English voice-over for
television commercials & documentaries.

Volunteer Work

• Volunteered in the construction of
a worship center in Israel.
• Volunteered to provide assistance
to the emergency relief aid personnel;
specifically, New York City Police/Fire
Departments in the aftermath of the
September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on
New York City.


Tom LePage
Country Director of Food for the Hungry
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

John Patterson
Associate Pastor of Grace Covenant Church
Austin, Texas

Stručný životopis

Dear Sir/Madame,
Greetings! I am a Czech citizen, with
third culture background being half
Ethiopian half Czech with a degree from
Baruch College, and esteemed U.S.
institution. Combining my experience in
coordination, international exposure and
worldview, I can be a valuable asset to
your organization as an account executive.
During my tenure in this position, I have
worked with globally known clients such as
Coca Cola, South African Airways, Unilever
and others of the like.
As far as my English is concerned, it is
my primary language due to my
International/U.S. education and work
experience. In addition, I also speak
Czech and Amharic.

I will be more than happy to touch base
with you regarding this vacancy. Should
you need any references, I can provide
these upon request. I sincerely hope that
you will look through my credentials and
consider me to be a part of your team.
Attached, please find my resume.

Sincere regards,
Markos Kidane

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